Thursday, 3 February 2011

Golden Dragon

Here's a bit of painting I did with Flo recently on Jamaica Street in Bristol. There have been quite a few additions since then.


Here's the design I drew up for it...


Saturday, 29 January 2011


styracbris graff

Painted on a very cold day in Bristol! Based on Styracosaurus, made of spraycans, houses and Westmoreland House. On the gold yet again! Glad I wore my gloves that day.

Big Churz to Deams, Boswell and Tarks who I painted with. There's a full joiner pic of the piece with everyones work in here.

Here's the drawing it's based on with my original colour ideas. The horns are alot less wonky!


Friday, 21 January 2011


always believe in your soul
you've got the power to know
you're indestructible!

Except, nothing is indestructible or lasts all that long at the top of Picton Street/Ashley Road in Bristol (except maybe the rotting shell of Westmoorland House).

This was a reasonably quick hit on the practice boards. Pattern based design of Parasaurolophus. Went for a decorative look using gold and reds. Concorde for head, SS Great Britain for tail and Suspension Bridge in there. Shout out to Reeps who painted alongside me, all of the people who asked if I was Banksy and especially the dude who suggested the next piece I paint has Jesus in it.

Patternasaurolophus bw

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Zombie Bristol Dinosaur

Hello! First blog post of the year sees me involved in some Street Art mural work. I teamed up with artists Boswell and Deams to create a dark style mural on City Road behind Hamilton House in Bristol. It was good fun to do, I enjoyed being out on the street painting again dealing with bad weather, hedges with needles and bottles in, going up and down ladders and dealing with people asking what we were doing. It was most fun to do though as I was working with two great artists who are a good laugh to be around. Anyway here's my part of the production....
It's a kind of Zombie Bristol Dinosaur Stegosaurus. Featuring the Council house, Concorde, SS Great Britain, Suspension Bridge and Cabot Tower. It's pretty close to the sketch I did for it originally as it goes, which is good!


So, Big shout outs to Boswell and Deams and also to Chris of PRSC for ladders and sorting out the wall!