Thursday, 29 October 2009


barton graff

barton graff clse

A few days ago I painted this beast with the help of some of the local yout at Netham Park, Barton Hill, Bristol. The dino has flats and houses on similar to those in the area. The wall wasn't as tall as I thought, so the beastie looks a bit less like a Stegosaur or Dimetrodon and more like a bloody big Newt!

Still needs some work doing on background bits - took this pic before the sun went down.

It was quite a chilled spot to paint in a way - nice chip shop round the corner!

Shouts out to Rowdy who was in charge of this project and Cheo who painted also. Also hello to Cheo's brother and everyone else who showed support.

Here's the original design drawing I did of the piece...

barton sketch

Monday, 26 October 2009

Drunk Drawing For Weapon Of Choice Magazine Party!

Junk Steg

This is the piece I did live at the Weapon Of Choice Magazine launch party on Friday. Wobbly, sketchy style and wonky photo......I was very very drunk!!!!! I like the piece though mind, little tanks, cars and diggers amongst the junk. It was good to use a bit of charcoal as well as just paint markers like I would normally.

The magazine is available as a hard copy around Bristol, but can also be downloaded.

There are more pics of the night up on Lokey's Blog. Some of the pics might be of me looking in a bad way....laying off the booze for a bit.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Council Is Doing A Talk!

sweet talk

I'm going to be doing a talk at The Watershed, Bristol UK on November 5th as part of SweetTalk 38.

Nevermind that it clashes with the fireworks - Council will have a slideshow of work and will no doubt be talking about his detailed drawings of dinosaurs, his involvement with the Bristol Street Art scene and maybe the beast of Bodmin!

The other speakers at the event are -

Gabriel Solomons / Designer / Editor / Decode Publishing

Maria Mochnacz / Photographer / Video Maker

Ian Anderson / The Designers Republic (!!!!!!!!)

Tickets are £10/£8 student
Available from Watershed Box Office
0117 927 5100

Mega City Fauna


Coming to Weapon Of Choice Gallery, Bristol UK 15th January 2010....

Megacity - A city and/or metropolitan area with a very high population or average density.

Megafauna - Large or relatively large animals of a particular place or time period. Saber-toothed tigers and mastodons belong to the extinct megafauna of the Oligocene and Pleistocene Epochs.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Design map of Britain for Computer Arts Projects

uk design map

This map is in the latest issue of Computer Arts Projects magazine for a feature on the top design studios in Britain. I had to fill the British isles with landmarks...I only had so much time, so unfortunately had tio miss out alot of cities. I haven't travelled to many places in the UK either so had to rely alot on what pics I could find online for research.

Ireland wasn't in the article, so didn't really put much detail in there I'm afraid!

Monday, 5 October 2009



For my latest Play It By Ear club nite poster I have decided to go for a giant prehistoric mammal rather than a dinosaur. The beastie is based around a Glyptodon that was a bit like a huge Armadillo. It has a bit of a Pokemon feel to it and is very seasonal with its autumnal/fall/halloween colour scheme!

Animal House Exhibition, Ipswich

animal hse

I have some work coming up in an illustration group show in Ipswich, Suffolk. The private view is on 9th October and it runs until 18th October 2009.

Really good line up of artists in this show including my mate China Mike and fellow Boys Who Draw collective members Simon Corry, Simon Wild, Steve Rack and Mister Millerchip.