Friday, 27 November 2009

Collaboration with China Mike For Art Basel


Collaborative painting with China Mike. Acrylic and some Spraypaint on canvas.

60.6cmw x 75.8cmh

Junk monster based on the prehistoric giant ground Sloth, Megatherium.

The piece is going on show at the Bold Hype exhibition booth at Art Basel, Miami USA, December 3 - 6th 2009.


Pond Illustration


Thought I would stick up this pond illustration I have done for North Somerset Council. It's for a nature reserve information board at a place called Locking Castle. It's quite a straight up illustration job, but I am pleased with the end result. Nice Carp!

And You Will Know Us By The Trail OF Avant Pop

avant pop

This is my rather strange album cover artwork for the Compilation album 'And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Avant Pop' by People In The Sky Records. It is out now!

The Unholy Grail, Southampton

unholy grail

I have a few bits of work in this groupshow at Goblets Gallery, Southampton. Address is 180 Above Bar Street, Southampton, SO14 7DW. Opening party, 4th Dec. Show runs from 5th Dec - January 14th.

Mayfair Pop Up Show By Inkie

flying eye front
flying eye back

I have some work in this Pop up show (they seem to be all the rage right now) in London coming up soon. It has been sorted out by Inkie and it’s running in Mayfair for a short time only, 8th to 12th of December, and the line up includes;

Goldie, Shoe, Inkie, Eine, She One, Mysterious Al, Sickboy, Insa, Zeus, Hush, MauMau, Kid Acne, Steff Plaetz, Shazer, Chu, Shok1, Xenz, RYCA, David Walker, China Mike, Part2ism, Ben Allen, Andy Council, Pure Evil, George Morton Clark, Milk, Dora and Don.

Terminator Toyby Hooded Top - Clandestine Industries

furby shop

My latest design for clandestine Industries is a variation on the poster design I did a few months back. Split down the middle for a zipper hoodie. Check it out here!

Play It By Ear Xmas Poster

xmas play by ear

Christmas special poster for London club nite Play It By Ear. Noticed that there were a couple of bands in the line up with the words 'Kill' and 'Killer' as part of the names, so thought that I would draw a kind of tree of death.

I replaced baubles with grenades and stars with Ninja Stars. All the presents around the tree are lethal weapons.

I was hoping to capture the gaudy feeling of decorations at Christmas time. I quite like the tacky visual overload of it all. Especially after a glass of Port or two.

Secret Wars

secret wars

Hmmm, I wonder who they have got in to help represent Bristol then????

Thursday, 12 November 2009



This piece is, as you might have guessed, on cardboard. I used a combination of spraypaint, chalks and acrylics.

Shantysaur is based around shanty towns and Favelas. It is my submission for this years Cardboard Shelter exhibition.


Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bubo The Owl!


My latest poster for London club night Play It By Ear is a turbo charged, pimped out version of Bubo the Mechanical Owl from Clash Of The Titans!

In the film Zeus commands Athena to give Perseus her owl, she instead orders Hephaestus to build the mechanical owl Bubo as an aid for Perseus. I really enjoyed Clash Of The Titans as a kid. Harryhausens animated monsters were great and I loved Bubo. I have heard that he is not going to be in the remake, which is a shame.

Here's an interview with Harryhausen about the creatures in Clash Of The Titans, including Bubo.