Saturday, 10 April 2010

Mural at Hotwells School WIP

Some months back I was asked to produce a mural for a large wall out the back of Hotwells School in Bristol. I went in on a few occasions to meet up with the children and take their ideas and feedback to come up with a final design. The creatures in piece are all made up of buildings and places of interest in the surrounding area of the school. Here's what I came up with....


The wall is very long, so the creatures stretch out across it. there will be hills and clouds in some of the spaces. First creature is a Chameleon -


It is made up of Ashton Court, where the balloon festival is held and the Create Centre building. Clifton Suspension bridge goes from it's back onto....


A huge Crocodile! Rather like a Rowdy Croc, but made up of the coloured houses of Hotwells and Clifton Wood. It has boats for feet and the SS Great Britain for a mouth!

Lastly, swooping down is a Cormorant made up of the school building.



The wall is huge and hopefully all will work out well with getting it done. I have made a start on it and have marked it out and added some areas of colour. I want to make the rest of the colours all quite warm in feel. Things have been a bit held up on this due to bad weather and me having a cold, but will be launching into it next week with help from FLX. Pics will be up when it's done!

Triscudatops - LA Exhibition and Live Drawing Edinbugh

My latest Dino beastie 'Triscudatops' links together quite a few events and places around the globe. Due to my slack blog keeping, most of the events have been and gone...

First off, I drew him up to do a version of at the Terror club night in Edinburgh.

pen drawing

I thought a dinosaur made up of Scud missile launchers and that kind of thing would suit a terror theme. This drawing is also going to be made into a Ltd Ed print - more news on that soon.

I set off to Edinburgh end of March to do the live drawing. It was a good night with decent tunes, breakdancers other talented artists and sound people to hang out with. Working on the board with me was Edinburgh artist Mech, who came up with this wicked Gorilla battling my dino.

drawing at club night

I downed a few Red Stripes that night and thought I would keep it quite a loose piece and used a bit of charcoal along with paint pens. It looks like alot of it came off later when it went on display in an exhibition! Must fix with hairspray next time...

full collab piece

close up drawing

I enjoyed being up in Scotland, eating Vege Haggis and drinking Irn Bru. I'm looking forward to returning to that part of the world when I take part in Secret Wars in Glasgow end of April.

triscud painting

I have also produced a canvas painting of Triscudatops for a group show at Thinkspace Gallery, LA. The exhibition is to celebrate the launch of the book Hunt & Gather in which my work features.

The Hunt and Gather group exhibition opened on April 9th.It features original artworks from a great selection of artists featured in Hunt and Gather. There are new works from artists Chelsea Lewyta, Jshea9, El Gato Chimney, Madsteez, Emilio Subira, Carrie Ann Baade, Plastic God, Dave Pressler, Victor Castillo, Andy Council, Tessar Lo, Elizabeth Mcgrath, Scott C., Tiffany Liu, Mr. Gauky, Charles Wish, Tina Imel, Deseo One, Aaron Kraten and Scott Radke.

hunt gather exhib

hunt gather book

It's great to have the book at last. It has been on the cards now for a few years. It was a shame that I lunched out the London launch of it a few weeks ago. Ah well.

Piece Of Cake


This is my poster design for Play It By Ear club's 2nd birthday and possibly my last poster for them (maybe).

Similar in style to the Fab lolly poster I have done before and features some of the same ants again.

I think this one is back on form with the posters, I wasn't feeling the last couple I did much. I like cakes and think I might explore this theme further...Research trips to my local bakery ahoy!

Illustrations For Secret Firmy Magazine

I have recently worked on a couple of illustrations for Russian magazine Secret Firmy. I like the pieces I produce for Russian publications, seems to take my work into other unusual directions.


The first one shows the process involved in the production of milk based product Kefir.

The weirdest part is when apparently the milk goes to a fermentation lab which only three employees have access to. They turn out kefiric ferment from skimmed milk at its interaction with kefiric fungi. These are live organisms, which react to weather change and even the mood of the specialists on fermentation. If employees are in bad mood, kefir can have slightly bitter taste!


The second one is for a feature on learning languages and communicating with people. It is a modern tower of Babel type thing. It goes from the bottom level where there is a language gene that people share with Chickens, Crocodiles and Cats to the top where people are able to communicate by reading each others thoughts! There is a slightly bigger version of this pic where the details can be seen better on my Flickr.

Junk Dino T Shirt Design Coming Soon!

mild west junk dino

Here's a sneaky peak at a T Shirt design of mine that will be coming out soon from Bristol based clothing company Mild West Heroes. There will be a range of sizes and colours to suit all! More news on this soon...

Brisuanadon at Bristol Museum

Hello, I have finally got myself in gear to do this blog again and have a backlog of stuff to get through. I have had a fair bit on at the moment, so may have missed a few things....

First off, some of you may remember the model dinosaur me and my mate Matt Pugh made for the Crimes Of Passion Street Art show at the RWA Bristol this time last year, well it is now on display in Bristol Museum! It has been on the cards for some time now and think it took so long partly because getting hold of a display case for it was apparently quite a problem.

It's great that it's there, although it would have been nice to have been informed of when it was going to be going on show rather than a friend of mine coming across it by accident and then telling me. Anyway, it looks quite at home sat between the Dinosaur exhibit and the stuffed birds.

brisuanadon museum bristol