Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Xmas Dragon illustration for Southside magazine


Yeah I know, it's still too early to be thinking about Christmas, but thought I would stick up my Xmas dragon border illustration up for the contents page of Southside magazine.

It's a very long thin dragon made of snow and fir trees that is so long that it needs 8 legs! Quite a small piece, so couldn't quite explore the trashy tinsley side of the season that I wanted to. Perhaps another pic on this theme soon then - loads of gaudy decorations, half eaten mince pies and bottles of Port etc....

Monday, 17 November 2008

Speakerstackasaurus at Inky Goodness 2


My latest Acrylic and spraypaint painting is inspired by the Saint Pauls Carnival in Bristol UK. The streets look very much like this and have huge soundsystems made up of loads of speakers...although they don't form the shape of dinosaurs.

I chose to go with a Stegasaurus this time as it is one dino that I haven't done yet. He seems quite a friendly beast and has someone patting him on the head.

The piece is also inspired by the album artwork on records by the Dub artist Scientist. They are usually cartoony and feature lots of people dancing at a party. There are coppers often in there too like in my pic. Greensleeves records also has lots of covers like this.

I kept the colour scheme very tropical, warm and Rasta. Lots of red, gold and green. The guy on the decks is alot like Jah Shakka and the guy with glasses drinking a Red Stripe was meant to be DJ Derek but looks more like a friend of mine!

The painting is on display as part of the Inkygoodness Hopes & Fears group show of 16 contemporary illustrators and image-makers based in and around the South West.

Features new work by

Lisa Hassell
Michelle Turton
Andy Council
Ben Newman
Dave Bain
Seb Burnett
Paul Roberts (Themlot)
James Bourne (Themlot)
Couscous Kid
Vicky Newman (House of Aces)
Simon David Mills
Ainsley Knott
Louise Tyers
Mini Padam
Mike O'Shea

Opening times:
Fri 14 Nov (first day) 11am - 1pm
Sat 15 Nov - Wed 26 Nov 11am - 4pm daily
Thur 27 (last day) 11am - 1pm

Illustrations for Environment Agency magazine

I have recently done these illustrations for the Environment Agency magazine - Your Environment.

I'm particularly pleased with the double page feature illustration of London in 2050 featuring buildings covered in solar panels and trees. Big Ben with a wind turbine on top!




Sunday, 9 November 2008

Screen Printing at Snap Gallery

I spent yesterday at Snap Gallery Bristol doing screen printing with the help of ace illustrator Lucie Sheridan. I had lots of fun, drank lots of tea and ate a fair few biscuits. I managed to produce these two different prints -


Very limited run three colour screen print of Tankbunny, edition of six and...


Two of these Bristolgraffasaur prints. Give me a shout if interested in purchasing either as they won't be around for long.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Cube cinema sketch show


Myself and Rowdy spent a fair bit of time covering the walls of the Cube cinema in Bristol with black and white copies of our drawing work. This Farmyardeez show features over forty of my 'Lots Of Stuff' line drawings and runs for a month. It opened last night as part of the One Foot Forward evening of art, film and music. I feel pretty worse for wear today after a few too many zywiec beers.

Thanks to Liz, Bij, Eva and everyone else who helped us.