Friday, 28 August 2009

Zombie Mannequin

This is my customised mannequin done for the Wonderland Collective show 'Nothing To Display' in Woburn, Saturday 29th August.

I decided to just doodle out on it using the trusty Posca and go with the flow of the dummy. I am really pleased with how it has turned out in a freaky Zombie kind of way. I added a few layers of spray on gloss finish lacquer to stop the pen paint from scratching off and to give it a nice shine.

I think most of the folk at my studio were pleased to see the back of it as it was freaking them out a bit.

mannequin front

mannequin back


clan raptor

Coming soon to Clandestine Industries!

Stegosubway For Get Dring Mobile Auction


Similar to my recent Styracasubway painting is Stegosubway, my latest acrylic on canvas effort. He is a Stegosaurus made up of paint and trains. Also features a modified vehicle for a head.

This piece is going into the Get Dring Mobile auction at Paintworks in Bristol on 15th October.

The auction is part of a charity fundraising drive going on at the moment called ‘Get Dring Mobile’, which is aiming to raise enough money to sort the legendary Mike Dring of Art-el fame out with a a modified vehicle he can drive himself.

More info here.

I Sometimes Draw People And Not Just Dinos

Some of you might have read my blog post back in July on Boys Who Draw about how I draw characters and things that aren't Dinosaurs sometimes. Well, thought I would put a sneaky peak of another one up that I have done recently for a client. This guy is a web designer dude.

web dude

Colston Yard

I noticed the other day that the Colston Yard pub in Bristol now has it's new outside seating area. Here's the artists impression sketch I did a while back that went in with the planning application for it...

colston yard

Badge Design


This is one of a few badge designs I have done recently as part of the Every Child Matters campaign in North Somerset.....

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Paper City Illustration For Blueprint Magazine


, one of the leading magazines for Architecture and Design invited me to produce an illustration as part of their Paper City feature where the most creative people around are invited to put forward their personal ideas about cities.

I did the piece a few months ago now and I am really pleased that it has now been published in the current issue. It also coincides with the opening of Blueprint’s exhibition Paper City: Urban Utopias at the Royal Academy from the 31 July-27 October.

My illustration is of a city dinosaur that has been built to regenerate urban areas after an apocalyptic event.

It is based on a Dilophosaurus, which in Jurassic Park, had a frill on its neck and spat acid. These city beasties have a frill round their necks that have solar panels on and also wind turbines for power. They spit bio acid at old buildings to break them down and then eat them! The old buildings are crunched up and pooed out of the back along with water and other liquids and rapid growing trees and seeds are planted from the tail and feet.

I'm really happy with how this illustration turned out and honoured to be in the magazine and exhibition.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Finished Styracasubway painting

styracasubway final

This is the finished Styracasubway painting. As is the case with all my painted pieces, my initial worry that it wouldn't turn out how I wanted wasn't needed as got there in the end. I like how the paint looks like a cross between water and fur.

The inspiration for the piece came from spending alot of time looking back through the Subway Art book and also watching a few clips of Style Wars. I have it on the painting that the subway cars are sort of swept up in a sea of paint and colour. This is kind of representing the Writers pieces adding colour to the trains. I guess the fact that the piece is a huge unstoppable monstrous beast represents Graff....

"To some it's art. To most people it's a plague that never ends."

"When you first against a train, it's like everything seems so big, like, wow! It's like you're in a yard of like metal giant, like I mean everything is like so hard and so steel like you're just there. You're like a little dude like in the midst of these metals and like you're here to produce something, well, like you're here to try to produce something." - Dondi

A big thankyou for the comments, advice and encouragement on creating this beastie. Infact, thanks loads to all who have commented on my stuff on here before - really appreciate it.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Styracasubway Painting WIP


This is a work in progress pic of a new canvas I am working on - 'Styracasubway'. I have been working really hard on commission works recently, all drawn in pen and coloured on computer so it feels good to let loose with the paints. I do however get a bit edgy and doubtful when working in paints as it is going outside my comfort zone of using a pen and line work. I have to really fight the temptation to get a posca out and stick a black outline around everything.

This piece so far is of a Triceratops type beastie made up of splashes of paint and spraycans. The gold bits are going to be subway trains. I might put a little person painting the tail train that is going between the legs.

At the moment the piece has a softness to it that makes a change from hard lines, which I like. I also like the expressiveness and movement in this piece so far, but not sure if it will work out. I should really be more confident with my paintings and only show the finished works, but I would be grateful of any comments on this to help me move in the right direction.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Godzilla and Trains

Godzilla and trains

This is my latest poster for the Play It By Ear club nite in London. This months night has a Hip Hop flavour, so when coming up with ideas, first thought of doing a Ghetto Blaster, then Graffed up NY subway trains. In the end I thought that it would be ace to have Godzilla carrying a pile of subway cars and with one in his mouth!

There is a shot of Zilla eating a train which I used for reference along with a good look through the classic Subway Art book. I hope the writing looks OK - Graff lettering is not my strong point at all so I tried to keep it pretty straight forward.