Saturday, 14 December 2013

We. Are. Back.

This is the very latest piece of artwork I have done - 'Bristol Blue', mixed media on paper based on a feathered raptor type dinosaur. It will be on sale on my shop soon. It's unusual in that I'm not doing dinosaurs now.....and I also don't do blog posts now! I just checked in on here and noticed that I haven't posted since 2011. My art has changed a fair bit since the last post, so thought it would be good the put something current up for people to see if they come here. I seem to remember I stopped doing this blog as it was taking too much time. Sizing all the images, writing all the stuff and publicising all the things I was doing was getting on top of me and getting in the way of doing the actual artwork. I think that also social media like twitter became a faster way of putting news out there. These days I tend to share an image on Instagram via Twitter and Facebook and that's it - job done. Is that enough though these days? Are there people not on those networks who don't see any of this? Does anyone bother much with blogs these days? It might very well be another two years till I post on here again, so in the meantime might be a good idea to look me up on the aforementioned social media sites. Signing out...... Andy

1 comment:

Unknown said...

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