Saturday, 21 March 2009

Brisuanadon at RWA!

On my last blog post I stuck up a few teaser pics showing the early stages of creating my Brisuanadon sculpture. The piece was indeed for the Crimes of Passion show at the RWA. Here's some more development pics and shots from the show!

Here's my original drawing of how I imagined the sculpture to look. I wanted it to look a bit like my Bristol Dinosaur, but with fewer complicated landmarks. I based it on the Clifton Wood/Hotwells arial of Bristol so as to get the Suspension bridge and Cabot tower in. The houses there also look like those found in Totterdown, which is an arial people see straight away when they come into Bristol Temple Meads train station.


The dino model was made as a collaboration with my model maker friend Matt Pugh. the dino started life in Matts workshop over in Trowbridge. The pics in my previous post show it as the wooden frame and with the plaster coating on it. There are also pics of the little houses that were made out of wood and primed. These were then brought over to my studio in Bristol where they were sprayed up in different colours. This was pretty tricky as alot of masking was required to do the roofs.


The dino itself made it's way over from Trowbridge next and was painted a rock grey colour and given a layer of turf flock for skin.


Then the little houses were added.


The bridge was added on and also it's funny frog like eyes.


While waiting for glue to dry on the dino I went up to the RWA and painted a wall piece that would go behind it. I decided to go for a blueprint type of design with lots of notes on each of the different sections of the beastie. These include things such as - 'Cider and toxic waste food inlet', 'Defensive tree spikes', 'Underfoot bass propulsion unit' and 'Sewage outlet'.


We worked right up to the last minute to get the model finished. I had bought all the N guage size model railway trees available in Bristol and luckily my supply of them ordered from the internet arrived on time!

The opening night was crazy and to be honest with you I found it all a bit much. I looked over the balcony at one point to see all the people queing in the street around Mr.Rowdy's painted rocks. My friends were among the people below and I took the opportunity to wave at them as if I was the queen.


.....and here's the finished beastie! It's around 1.5m long and mounted on a wooden base.



I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. I'm not sure what baby Felix makes of it all though.


All in all it was a great night, although it was difficult to get to the bar and I was glad to go and chill out down the pub afterwards. Big shout out to the RWA, FLX, Jono, Kath and all the artists involved.

It's well worth going to the exhibition if you can, otherwise check this footage of the opening night featuring my dino and me lurking around...


yellow bear said...

Wow! this looks amazing Andy!!!
I really want to follow your blog but I can't find a "floow this blog" button anywhere, I have a blogger account and a blogger blog that I never post to here:
and here:
But I havent posted to them for a while, they have 'floow this blog' buttons don't they? where is yours??? I can't figure this blog stuff out!!!

I love your move to 3d, fantastic model, great idea and congratulations on being involved in this exhibition, wish I was down south west so as I could see it!

Hope you are well,
C x

yellow bear said...
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Ben Newman said...

My favourite thing in the show. I want you to make more of them now.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This really turned out well! It is great to see your works translated in to 3D. It works very well.