Sunday, 12 April 2009



This is a Stegasaurus type beastie made up of cactus plants. It is all painted with spraypaint except for the little spikes, which I did with brush. He is quite a happy, if a little stupid dino as his brain is only the size of a walnut! He has blossom for eyes and horn nose.


Here's the sketch I worked from...


Painted on the wall of the Emporium in Bristol as part of the ‘Stokes Croft Herbarium’ exhibition which mingles together plant specimens with works of art that draw their influence from the plant kingdom -creating the impression of a botanical garden/art gallery hybrid.

Featuring artwork by:
Andy Council
Chris 'Cavetroll' Drury
Evie Wonder
Nicky Cornwell
Tim Floyd

Exhibition opening times:

11am-6pm daily from 11th-18th April.

(Good) Friday 10th April: Opening night -7pm-9pm

There was home-made nettle beer, a box or two of plonk and a bit of music at the exhibition's preview, which was jolly good fun.

Thinking of doing some more spraypaint pieces along the same lines too. Perhaps something like this Triceratops...


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