Friday, 27 November 2009

Collaboration with China Mike For Art Basel


Collaborative painting with China Mike. Acrylic and some Spraypaint on canvas.

60.6cmw x 75.8cmh

Junk monster based on the prehistoric giant ground Sloth, Megatherium.

The piece is going on show at the Bold Hype exhibition booth at Art Basel, Miami USA, December 3 - 6th 2009.



Acerone said...

Great collabo man, and it's going out to Miami?!
You need to be hooking the Bristol crew up with some all expenses paid passes to the opening evening...
Can ya swing it?!

Andy Council said...

I wish I could! I almost had the chance to be flown out for it, but clashes with little Felix's first birthday!!!

Jamie Jonathan Ball said...

your work is really inspiring :)!

MEFX1 said...

Andy this is awesome! I'm in Miami so you know i'm going to see this in person! great job!

Joshua James said...

real nice. yes yes andy.