Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bubo The Owl!


My latest poster for London club night Play It By Ear is a turbo charged, pimped out version of Bubo the Mechanical Owl from Clash Of The Titans!

In the film Zeus commands Athena to give Perseus her owl, she instead orders Hephaestus to build the mechanical owl Bubo as an aid for Perseus. I really enjoyed Clash Of The Titans as a kid. Harryhausens animated monsters were great and I loved Bubo. I have heard that he is not going to be in the remake, which is a shame.

Here's an interview with Harryhausen about the creatures in Clash Of The Titans, including Bubo.

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Ben Newman said...

cool! The eight armed woman (I think it was in Sinbad?) was my favourite harryhausen creation.