Sunday, 20 July 2008


This is my Tree Caterpillar that I recently did for Cimex's magazine. The article is about companies green policies and whether they will be keeping them on in the current economic climate. They wanted a green beastie to go with it and a Caterpillar made of trees eating an industrial plant seemed good to me.


I like the Caterpillar and how happy it seems to be on the rampage destroying things and leaving a trail of trees behind it. I liked it so much that I had a go at doing it in spraypaint eating the new Cabot Circus at The Glos-tunbury festival. This was The Golden Lion pubs alternative to Glastonbury on the Gloucester Road in Bristol. It was a weekend of music, skateboarding on a temporary ramp and lots of Graff from Bristol artists - FLX, Dicey, Soker, 45 RPM, Rich T, Mr Jago, Cheo, Sepr, Hine and others.


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Ben Newman said...

hey council
just looked at the shaolin pinball one properely- ace!
you're about due an update aren't you hmmm?