Sunday, 16 August 2009

Finished Styracasubway painting

styracasubway final

This is the finished Styracasubway painting. As is the case with all my painted pieces, my initial worry that it wouldn't turn out how I wanted wasn't needed as got there in the end. I like how the paint looks like a cross between water and fur.

The inspiration for the piece came from spending alot of time looking back through the Subway Art book and also watching a few clips of Style Wars. I have it on the painting that the subway cars are sort of swept up in a sea of paint and colour. This is kind of representing the Writers pieces adding colour to the trains. I guess the fact that the piece is a huge unstoppable monstrous beast represents Graff....

"To some it's art. To most people it's a plague that never ends."

"When you first against a train, it's like everything seems so big, like, wow! It's like you're in a yard of like metal giant, like I mean everything is like so hard and so steel like you're just there. You're like a little dude like in the midst of these metals and like you're here to produce something, well, like you're here to try to produce something." - Dondi

A big thankyou for the comments, advice and encouragement on creating this beastie. Infact, thanks loads to all who have commented on my stuff on here before - really appreciate it.

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