Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Paper City Illustration For Blueprint Magazine


, one of the leading magazines for Architecture and Design invited me to produce an illustration as part of their Paper City feature where the most creative people around are invited to put forward their personal ideas about cities.

I did the piece a few months ago now and I am really pleased that it has now been published in the current issue. It also coincides with the opening of Blueprint’s exhibition Paper City: Urban Utopias at the Royal Academy from the 31 July-27 October.

My illustration is of a city dinosaur that has been built to regenerate urban areas after an apocalyptic event.

It is based on a Dilophosaurus, which in Jurassic Park, had a frill on its neck and spat acid. These city beasties have a frill round their necks that have solar panels on and also wind turbines for power. They spit bio acid at old buildings to break them down and then eat them! The old buildings are crunched up and pooed out of the back along with water and other liquids and rapid growing trees and seeds are planted from the tail and feet.

I'm really happy with how this illustration turned out and honoured to be in the magazine and exhibition.

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