Saturday, 12 September 2009

Painting at Kingswood Foundation and Bristol Fest

I did a day of Graffiti workshop work up at the Kingswood Foundation in Bristol with my mate Adam yesterday. It was pretty intense work with lots of different groups of young people. We did talks on what we do and how things are if you choose to have a career in the arts and then worked with them to produce a mural piece.

The piece came out looking pretty good I think considering that we only made very loose plans as to what it was going to look like. We went for a look which was a combination of countryside (like on the frontpage of our Farmyardeez website) and city skyscrapers. It was over several areas which was fun as added different layers. Was a bit fumey in that enclosed space though so was a bit off my head!

I also decided to do a Triceratops head made out of skyscraper type buildings. I was worried as to whether it looked any good as it wasn't sketched out beforehand. Adam gave me some good advice which was to 'just paint'. I did this and it was great just to go with the flow and see what happened.

kingswood 3

kingswood 2

kingswood 1

Seeing as this piece turned out quite well I thought I would do something similar again the next day on a board that will be part of the decoration for the Bristol Festival site.

bris fest board

I was hoping to do something bigger really, a whole dinosaur, but realised that it was a bit ambitious on this occasion. I had sketched out this beastie which may make an appearance at some point...


This dino is roughly based on Kentrosaurus and would feature skyscrapers and scenery similar to in Bladerunner. Maybe.


Unknown said...

painting on 9/11, is that the twin towers in that head there?

Andy Council said...

Oh yeah, 9/11 - didn't even think of that at the time....

Bridget Rolfe said...


Nice to catch up recently, and good to see your recent work at Kingswood Foundation and Bristol Festival.Good colors man!

Alan Roul

Mario Marchese said...

Wow you guys rocked that out. Im lovin the skyline scenes