Thursday, 22 October 2009

Council Is Doing A Talk!

sweet talk

I'm going to be doing a talk at The Watershed, Bristol UK on November 5th as part of SweetTalk 38.

Nevermind that it clashes with the fireworks - Council will have a slideshow of work and will no doubt be talking about his detailed drawings of dinosaurs, his involvement with the Bristol Street Art scene and maybe the beast of Bodmin!

The other speakers at the event are -

Gabriel Solomons / Designer / Editor / Decode Publishing

Maria Mochnacz / Photographer / Video Maker

Ian Anderson / The Designers Republic (!!!!!!!!)

Tickets are £10/£8 student
Available from Watershed Box Office
0117 927 5100


Maxy Hughes said...

Came to the sweettalk38 thing last night- and to be honest, you were my (and my classmates) favorite by far! You were very honest, and I thought you're work was lovely.
hope to see more of your stuff in the future.
Maxine (doing graphics at uwe)

Andy Council said...

Hi Maxine, really pleased to hear that you rated my talk. I was very nervous to start with but got into it in the end. I will be following your blog!