Thursday, 29 October 2009


barton graff

barton graff clse

A few days ago I painted this beast with the help of some of the local yout at Netham Park, Barton Hill, Bristol. The dino has flats and houses on similar to those in the area. The wall wasn't as tall as I thought, so the beastie looks a bit less like a Stegosaur or Dimetrodon and more like a bloody big Newt!

Still needs some work doing on background bits - took this pic before the sun went down.

It was quite a chilled spot to paint in a way - nice chip shop round the corner!

Shouts out to Rowdy who was in charge of this project and Cheo who painted also. Also hello to Cheo's brother and everyone else who showed support.

Here's the original design drawing I did of the piece...

barton sketch


Acerone said...

Im a stones throw from the Netham - i wish i had known you guys were there! That wall has needed a bit of brightening up for ages, so good on ya'll - the folks of Barton Hill and Redfield will be greatful no doubt!

And those chips aint half bad, eh?!

Andy Council said...

Ah thats a shame Luke - would have been good to see you. I like it up that way....that chip shop would mean I would get very very fat though.