Monday, 23 February 2009

Pineapple Wrestler for Miss Hubbard

Sometime ago now my friend James Bourne of Themlot asked me to take part in a project titled 'Dear Miss Hubbard'. Here's what it's about and what I came up with...

In 2004, artist James Bourne, stumbled upon an unopened envelope addressed to a Miss J.E.Hubbard postmarked 1970. James has worked closely with Solihull school children to investigate what could be inside this unopened envelope. James and other artists have made their own explorations and responses to the children's artwork and it is to be exhibited at Solihull Arts Complex, 16th March - 16th May 2009. Full information on the opening times and stuff here.

So, back in November 2008 I get this email and attached picture from James -

Hello Andy

Cheers for getting back to me about the project

Now that I'm getting work back off the kids, the project is developing slightly, and I'm able to extract the right kids work for the right artists

Instead of a letter, I reckon this attachment is more up your street
The kids were asked to design a wrestler
This kids has used pineapples as his inspiration

he has written the following text next to the character

"spiky pineapple mask to protect the head"

"pineapple juice on his body to make him slippy for his opponents"

"spiky pineapple hands to hurt his opponent"

let me know what you think!




Well, I thought it was amazing and this is what I came up with...


I have done a comic book style montage of the pineapple wrestler. He's a pretty dark character and looks like a bit of a pervy sex gimp or something. I have portrayed him about to dive on to his arch rival - the man from Delmonte!!!!


Acerone said...

What a great idea...!
Pineapple wrestler gimp?!
Brilliant - lmfao

kara.simsek said...

Wow, I love this so much! I'd love to have pineapple man on speed-dial. That man from Del Monte is always snatching at my melons. (sorry, bad joke)

LauraMary said...

Did the kid see your rip off?! ;-)

Amazing - and i love the love the slippery juice!