Saturday, 10 April 2010

Illustrations For Secret Firmy Magazine

I have recently worked on a couple of illustrations for Russian magazine Secret Firmy. I like the pieces I produce for Russian publications, seems to take my work into other unusual directions.


The first one shows the process involved in the production of milk based product Kefir.

The weirdest part is when apparently the milk goes to a fermentation lab which only three employees have access to. They turn out kefiric ferment from skimmed milk at its interaction with kefiric fungi. These are live organisms, which react to weather change and even the mood of the specialists on fermentation. If employees are in bad mood, kefir can have slightly bitter taste!


The second one is for a feature on learning languages and communicating with people. It is a modern tower of Babel type thing. It goes from the bottom level where there is a language gene that people share with Chickens, Crocodiles and Cats to the top where people are able to communicate by reading each others thoughts! There is a slightly bigger version of this pic where the details can be seen better on my Flickr.

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