Sunday, 7 June 2009

Upfest 09

gothatops paint

Gothatops is the piece I painted at this years Upfest. A further development from my Gothic church work it is a Triceratops head made of Gothic spires. Here's the sketch I based the wall painting on...

gothatops sketch

I was pleased with how the piece turned out and is another development for me in my use of spraycans. It was good to keep it a bit loose and use only a few colours to keep it simple. I guess it didn't add any colour to a grey rainy day! I was pleased to have it finished quite quickly as wasn't sure if it was going to tip down with rain and stop all work. Shouts out to Inkie and Don who I painted alongside.

Despite the weather I thought the event went well. It was a bit like school when I got there first, doing a register and finding my class mates from the Bristol scene. There was lots of really interesting work produced throughout the day and a good mixture of different styles and methods. There were lots of works produced that I rated. Particular faves of mine were by Jody, Solo One, Snub and the SOF guys.

Here's a bit of doodling fun after having a few drinks and hanging out with Boswell, PEN and 3RD Eye...

doggie doodle


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