Saturday, 19 June 2010

Secret Wars in Glasgow, April 2010

Continuing the run of live drawing bad luck as it were was my performance at Secret Wars up in Glasgow back in April. Me and Cheo left Bristol at a hideous time in the morning and were totally shattered by the time we met up with Inkie in Glasgow. We started drinking and it all gets a bit hazy from there....

By the time we reached the club to do the drawing I was pissed, tired and not really in the mood for it. I did this dino/crane thing that wasn't my best really. I spent quite a bit of time writing swear words into areas where shading was going to go. The other guys on our team did alright I thought.

Bristol lost 3-0, but I guess that's always going to be the way with this when judges are from the city. I wasn't really that bothered, I enjoyed being up in Glasgow and going on the rampage for a few days. It's a great city and well worth a visit!

Here's a pic of the two finished pieces by Mateusz Sleczka. Bristols piece is on the right. He has a flickr set of the event that features some pics of me gurning here.


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